Covid 19 - The Infection Challenging the World

Tuesday 11 May - Friday 14 May 2021

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 The very successful BSMT Webinar on laboratory related aspects of COVID-19 has now finished.

Some comments received from you about the Webinar included:

  • I was delighted to attend this BSMT meeting, all the presentations were very interesting and the format was spot on: efficient wan with a clear messaging.  Thanks to all the speakers.
  • The virtual conference programme of webinars was really interesting and informative and useful both in terms of understanding the work done on COVID and also for CPD purposes.
  • I liked the very clear message of each of the speakers and the story telling format. I also like the fact that you allowed for a real discussion at the end of each session.  It was like being in a pub and having an information chat about the subject.
  • Didn’t require real time attendance so could deal with urgent lab issues and watch later when not interrupted.
  • The spreadout of the presentations over several days was good – meaning I did not have to block out the entire day and maintain attention throughout. The topics that I watched were presented very well.

The Webinar series of lectures (see programme below) was recorded so that anyone can now view the recordings and associated Q&A sessions!  Questions not answered during the sessions may be found by following the links below within the programme.

Read a preview of the conference by Dr Mark Wilks.
Read Mark's review of the conference published in Pathology in Practice.

The Webinar was convened in conjunction with media partner Pathology in Practice for their support in publishing relevant articles and promoting the conference. We are also hugely grateful to Step Communications who encouraged us to convene the Webinar and for making it happen - without their support and encouragement it is unlikely it would have taken place.

Another massive thank you to the speakers and moderators.

We are also grateful to the 23 sponsor companies who supported the conference withough whom we could not have convened it.

Read a commercial preview published in Pathology in Practice.

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The Webinar had internationally renowned speakers.


Tuesday 11 May – Moderator: Professor Eric Bolton, Public Health England

2pm: Dr Michael Head, University of Southampton – COVID-19 pandemic: a global perspective
More answers from Q&A

3pm: Professor Jonathan Deeks, University of Birmingham – How to evaluate test performance for the diagnosis of COVID-19
More answers from Q&A

Wednesday 12 May – Moderator: Dr Kate Templeton, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

2pm: Dr Catherine Moore, Public Health Wales – Setting up and running a SARS-CoV-2 testing service
One more answer from the Q&A

3pm: Professor Alan McNally, University of Birmingham – Setting up and running a Lighthouse Lab for mass SARS-CoV-2 testing

Thursday 13 May – Moderator: Professor Brian Duerden CBE, Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology, Cardiff University

2pm: Professor Jonathan Edgeworth, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – Secondary bacterial and fungal infections in COVID-19 patients
More answers from Q&A

3pm: Professor Nick Loman, University of Birmingham – Whole Genome Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 Isolates in the COVID-19 pandemic

Friday 14 May – Moderator: Dr Mark Wilks, Barts and the London, Queen Mary University of London

2pm: Dr Timothy Rawson, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow, Imperial College London – Antimicrobial resistance in the time of COVID-19
More answers from Q&A

3pm: Professor Sheena Cruickshank, University of Manchester: From Variola to COVID-19 – the development of modern vaccines
More answers from Q&A

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New BSMT President

The BSMT is delighted to announce that Dr Kate Templeton from the University of Edinburgh will be the next President of the BSMT. Kate has presented at several BSMT Conferences and replaces Professor Eric Bolton who has been our President since 2012. We thank Eric for his massive contribution to the Society and for chairing the conferences since 2010. We will miss you Eric.

Both Kate and Eric were moderators at the BSMT Webinar on COVID in May.


COVID-19 Webinar article

Read a preview of the conference by Dr Mark Wilks.

Read Mark's review of the conference published in Pathology in Practice.


The Webinar is registered with the IBMS - download the Reflective Learning Sheet.

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The BSMT Committee regrets that the BSMT 35th Annual Scientific Conference has been postponed due to the pandemic until 12 May 2022 and we have again booked the RAF Museum in Hendon. We will be updating the programme and application form in the Autumn and hope that you will be able to register.

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Read It’s goodbye PHE and hello National Institute for Health Protection by Dr Valerie Bevan (Pathology in Practice, October 2020).

Read The Laboratory Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Introduction by Brian Duerden (who has chaired many BSMT scientific conferences) and colleagues.

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