33rd BSMT Annual Scientific Conference 2018

Friday, 18 May 2018

33rd BSMT Annual Scientific Meeting: Friday 18 May 2018Venue: Colindale, Public Health England

Rapid Diagnostics - Time is Relative

The BSMT 33rd Annual Scientific Conference, held in May 2018 at PHE, Colindale, was a decisive success. The conference focused on Rapid Diagnostics – Time is Relative. It teased out some of the benefits and advantages of new technology whilst also reviewing and describing improvements with some older technologies. This use of conventional methods was shown to be particularly relevant in blood stream infections where streamlining the process from blood collection to identification of the organism responsible improved patient outcomes. This excellent presentation from Dr Michael Weinbren is available to download (see below), along with some of the other talks from the meeting. We also have a comprehensive write-up from the meeting in Pathology in Practice. 

The BSMT Annual Conference is aimed at bench microbiologists to provide up-to-date information about organisms and techniques especially new molecular technology

Professor Brian Duerden CBE and Professor Eric Bolton chaired the symposium.