Ruhi Siddiqui

Website Editor



Ruhi Siddiqui, BSc CSci FIBMS MBA, UK Heath Security Agency. BSMT committee member since June 2013

Head of the Standards Unit, Ruhi provides leadership and service delivery of the outputs of the department and is responsible for managing the development of UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations.

Ruhi joined the BSMT committee in June 2013 and the IBMS Microbiology Specialist Advisory Panel in October 2013.  Ruhi began her career as a Biomedical Scientist at Coventry Public Health Laboratory, and gained the Fellowship of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, moving on to Quest Diagnostics and the National Blood Service progressing through the ranks of biomedical scientist and broadening her knowledge in microbiology.  One of Ruhi’s most satisfying achievements was gaining an MBA in Health Service Management in 2009.