British Society for Microbial Technology

Responding to the Evaluation Reports

View the Evaluation Report on the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting here

The BSMT committee is very pleased with the feedback from delegates on the scientific meetings where over 90% of those completing the form scored the content, speakers and venue very highly. Praise from delegates included:
Excellent speakers
Professional presentations in high profile establishment with excellent Chairs
Excellent trade show and opportunity for networking
Good food
Variety of topics

There are however a few recurring criticisms after every annual meeting at Colindale and these are the long queues for lunch and coffee and the very busy trade show. Several delegates have provided good constructive suggestions for improvement but unfortunately we are unable to influence changes as much as we would like.

As a professional society, the BSMT takes all such comments very seriously and we are proud of the high and enviable standard of scientific meetings we have been able to convene with the enormously important input from delegates as well as from the speakers and chairs who give up their time to be there. We are also always grateful for the loyal support we receive from the commercial companies without whom we wouldn't be able to convene the meetings – the reason d'├ętre for the society.

In response to the comments and in discussion with staff at Colindale, next year the BSMT will try to improve the queues by having a buffet lunch and by having more refreshment stations. With regards to the very busy Trade Show, we would only be able to fund scientific meetings if we had fewer companies present and increased the price to delegates and companies – a move we are reluctant to take so we feel the Trade Show will continue to be busy!

Thus, alas it will be impossible to resolve the situation completely so long as firstly, we use a venue whose prime purpose is science delivered by PHE employees, not convening scientific symposia, and secondly, the only room available for the Trade Show is too small for the use we make of it and there is no option for using additional space such as the canteen. If you have any further suggestions to help improve the situation, we'd welcome hearing them so do email me at The BSMT would be grateful for your understanding.