British Society for Microbial Technology

Topics in Mangement - 08 Nov 2007

This management conference included lunch, a wine reception and dinner on Thursday 8 November

Morning Session – "Equality and Diversity"

  • Responding to legislation – Sarah Ganeshaguru, HPA Human Resources
  • Identifying inequalities in the HPA – Annette Taylor, HPA Training and Development
  • Women leaders in science: why so few? – Valerie Bevan, HPA Centre for Infections
  • Keynote speaker: Nirmal Puwar, Goldsmiths College, London – "Space Invaders" - Race, Gender and Bodies Out of Place

Afternoon Session – "Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning"

  • Keynote speaker: Chris Collison, Knowledgeable Ltd. – "Knowledge Management in Practice - How smart organisations learn, share and improve."